GEPRC Mark 4 FPV Racing Drone Frame Kit 5''/6''/7'' Qudcopter Frame 5mm Arm with 30.5*30.5/20*20mm mounting holes for FC-in Parts & Accessories from Toys & Hobbies

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GEPRC Mark 4 FPV Racing Drone Frame Kit 5/6/7 Qudcopter Frame 5mm Arm with 30.5*30.5/20*20mm mounting holes for FC Details & Specification :

Item Specifications
Use Vehicles & Remote Control Toys
Material Carbon Fiber
Upgrade Parts/Accessories Frame
Remote Control Peripherals/Devices Motor
Four-wheel Drive Attributes Assemblage
Tool Supplies Tools
For Vehicle Type Airplanes
Model Number GEPRC Mark4
Technical parameters Value 4
Size 5/6/7
Wheelbase Bottom Plate
Brand Name AOKFLY
RC Parts & Accs frame kit

I want the fancy rack to perform more in flight, the lighter rack, the convenient electronics installation and balanced center of gravity, and the smooth flight shooting, these ideas create a new fancy rack Mark4.

It is no longer a wide X design, but an H-shape, which does not affect the flight experience. The benefit is that the arm length is shortened, the weight is reduced, and the arm strength is increased. It also provides more installation space for the middle position of the low center machine compartment. Of course, you can also mount the arm to the bottom for more installation space.

The mounting size of the FPV lens is adjusted to 19*19. There are 30.5*30.5 and 20*20 mounting holes in the middle section and the second half, and there are more directions in the selection of the flight control. In the middle section, 30.5*30.5 has been set up with soft-installed silica gel, which can reduce the pressure caused by vibration to the flight control to a greater extent, thus achieving smooth flight.

The arm of the rack is chamfered with the upper and lower plates. The upper plate uses a countersunk screw to make the surface more flat. There are also front and rear bumpers that allow the player to provide protection while flying while reducing losses and facilitating replacement. Of course, there are also custom-made thick aluminum columns to ensure the strength of the rack!

All the elements of this fancy rack, I believe it can bring you flying fun and smooth flight shooting!


1.Exquisite design, durable structure
2.The arm and the body are chamfered, smooth and not scratched
3.Lower center of gravity design
4.Flight control has its own damping ring to reduce flight control pressure
5.Customized thick aluminum column to ensure the strength of the fuselage
6.30.5*30.5 and 20*20 flight control holes are set in the middle and rear sections, and more installation methods are available.
7.High quality 3K twill carbon fiber board, high precision CNC machining
8.YFS screw, 12.9 hardness, hard and non-slip

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