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Majmok BolygГіja

Majmok BolygГіja Autres bases documentaires Video

Tuesday 3 November The book goes way more in depth about the planet our narrator and his crew have landed on. Thursday 20 August Tuesday 1 September If the argument doesn't fit, it is Pragmatic, out. Read more For us, such and such a planet is as arid as the Sahara, another as frozen as the North Pole, yet another as lush as the Amazon basin. I had had a theory that somehow during the journey from Earth, something Siemens Aktien Verkaufen Oder Halten mixed up and the planet they landed on WAS Earth, only far in the future. People are being kept in cages. Monday 14 December I'm probably forgetting some stuff, but that's a Majmok BolygГіja list to start. Wednesday 2 September A film a sok újítás ellenére is a már ismert alapsztoriból indul ki: egy űrhajós valamikor a jövőben véletlenül egy olyan bolygón landol, ahol a majmok alkotják a civilizált társadalmat, és az emberek élnek úgy, mint általában a majmok (és más állatok)szoktak a földön, vagyis fogságban és leigázottan. Mark Wahlberg. Majmok Bolygója - Krinolin Szleng - Duration: szutyiiSZ , views. 50+ videos Play all Mix - Majmok Bolygója - Ózs-D 2 YouTube; Káva. A majmok bolygója 3. () Ahogy a korábbi cikkben már boncolgattuk, a Majmok bolygója második része igen gyengére sikeredett, ami a kritikákon is meglátszott, hiszen a film átlagos értékelése alig érte el a 4/et. A Majmok Bolygója The Hungarian comic book adaptation of La Planète Des Singes, written and illustrated by Erno Zórád. Please note, these images come from multiple sources and are not in any sort of order - some are in English, some in Hungarian. A majmok bolygója Online Sorozat - - Online sorozatok ingyen, szinkronosan. A majmok bolygója - Háború /War for the Planet of the Apes/ letöltés. A majmok túlszárnyalták az embereket. Ami jó szándékú kísérletnek indult, az teljes hatalomátvétellé vált: immár az értelmes emberszabásúak a Föld urai. A városok elnéptelenedtek, a menekülőkkel nem tudni, mi . A majmok bolygója (Planet of the Apes) ben bemutatott amerikai science fiction kalandfilm. A film a híres francia író, Pierre Boulle azonos cím ű nagy sikerű regénye alapján készült. A regényből már korábban készítettek egy kvintológiát, melynek első része hatalmas siker lett. A filmet sokan az eredeti as filmhez hasonlították a megjelenésekor, bár az. A majmok társadalmának az az alapja, hogy az evolúció csúcsán a majmok állnak, a náluk primitívebb embereket pedig vallásos meggyőződésük miatt ki nem állhatják. Ez a szembenállás a legfélelmetesebben a Zaius által a film végén idézett Szent Tekercsekben található meg.
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Majmok BolygГіja
Majmok BolygГіja
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Majmok BolygГіja

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The apes are the epitome of Western Thought. Casually racist in everything they do, they rationalize everyone OTHER than themselves into a kind of slavery.

Whether it's about cultural superiority, scientific superiority, military superiority, or ANY reason to make themselves appear more important than the OTHER, they take it.

Because what would happen otherwise? Rhetoric would fall apart, giving way to a careful observation of the real circumstances.

People are being kept in cages. They're experimented upon. They are left in atrocious conditions and made to fight for scraps to survive.

The purpose is to turn them into animals FIRST in order to prove the original assumption that they are animals.

If this isn't classic racism, I don't know what is. Every argument they make must revolve around the basic assumption that THEY are better than US.

If the argument doesn't fit, it is thrown out. The pervasive racism persists. Classic cultural bias. We are fully immersed in it.

We feel the hopelessness underlying their bulwarks of rationalizations. We are made small, helpless, even as we retain our dignity in all the tiniest of ways.

And ultimately, we lose. It takes a whole society to change a whole society. Shelves: science-fiction , classics , , owned , social-justice , reviewed.

Caution: Vague Spoilers Ahead I don't really think that I can do this book justice in my review. I thought that it was brilliant.

I know that I have seen the movie long ago, and remember the big reveal at the end and Charlton yelling about damning everyone all to hell, but I don't remember much more than that.

I'll have to watch the movie again. I really loved the subtle cautionary tale running throughout the story. Maybe it's just my feminist liberal bleeding heart whispering to me, but I feel th Caution: Vague Spoilers Ahead I don't really think that I can do this book justice in my review.

Maybe it's just my feminist liberal bleeding heart whispering to me, but I feel that Boulle just plain hated live-animal experiments and was determined to show people that the tables could be turned one day.

But more than that, the book cautions us not to be complacent and lazy about our place in life and in the food chain and to keep striving and learning and bettering ourselves, but NOT at the cost of other life-forms.

We're on top now, but only time will tell if we stay there. And do we actually deserve to be? We, the "Lords of Creation," seem to think that we can do anything and everything we want to do.

We're so filled with pride that we never think that OUR civilization could fall. Those kind of things are for history books, not real life.

Yet we consume resources like they're going out of style, and pollute the earth like we have a spare, and just generally act like there's a "Reset" button somewhere that we can just press when we've reached the point of no return.

Why shouldn't another species give running things a try? If they can do it better But that's the thing.

They imitate us, so WOULD they do it better? At one point in the story, when Merou was being shown the experiments, I thought to myself, "They are proud of the fact that they are keeping the "animals" down Taking any vestiges of humanity or rational thought away as soon as it is displayed in order to protect themselves.

They are so fearful of the possibility of human uprising that they commit atrocities to prevent them. So do we. And so can Apes, who apparently learned from the best.

In examining the Apes, we're looking at ourselves. Can we really pass judgment? But, I was happy to see that the three "races" of Apes could cohabitate and cooperate in peace, which is more than we've accomplished so far.

Our differences divide us, but the Apes recognize and relish their differences and use them well. But Apes still seem to rival Man in the fear department: the unknown is scary, so just destroy it and move on.

I do have to say that I was kind of annoyed with Merou's assumption that life forms in a far, far away galaxy would automatically be human to be intelligent.

It just goes to show that our pride will be our downfall. But it reminded me of a quote from another science-fiction book that I enjoyed, Solaris by Stanislaw Lem which you should remember if you keep up with my reviews : " We take off into the cosmos, ready for anything: for solitude, for hardship, for exhaustion, death.

Modesty forbids us to say so, but there are times when we think pretty well of ourselves. And yet, if we examine it more closely, our enthusiasm turns out to be all sham.

We don't want to conquer the cosmos, we simply want to extend the boundaries of Earth to the frontiers of the cosmos.

For us, such and such a planet is as arid as the Sahara, another as frozen as the North Pole, yet another as lush as the Amazon basin. We are humanitarian and chivalrous; we don't want to enslave other races, we simply want to bequeath them our values and take over their heritage in exchange.

We think of ourselves as the Knights of the Holy Contact. This is another lie. We are only seeking Man. We have no need of other worlds.

We need mirrors. We don't know what to do with other worlds. We inherently assume that anyone of any worth or intelligence will be just like us.

Even the "Little Green Men" type aliens that pop up in the Weekly World News magazines are still modeled after humans, and hell, they are nicknamed "men"!

I just hope that one day we'll be able to see the bigger picture. I do want to mention two things that I wish were clarified a little more in the book.

I'd been told that the twist in the book was different than the twist in the movie. I had had a theory that somehow during the journey from Earth, something got mixed up and the planet they landed on WAS Earth, only far in the future.

Since it seems that was not correct, I'm confused as to how two planets so distant actually would be so very similar.

The two main races Apes and humans are the same genetically or so it seems as Merou was able to successfully mate with an "alien" human , and there are several other animals that are similar.

Not to mention the society and transportation etc. It just seems so unlikely that Soror would be so similar to Earth without knowing of its existence.

And speaking of which, that brings me to the second thing. Merou named the planet Soror prior to meeting any sentient beings. Didn't they have their own name for the planet?

I cannot believe that throughout ANY of the discussions they had regarding the origins of their species, or space travel, or anything, that they did not once say, "Oh, and by the way, we call our planet Apex.

But really, that point bothered me in the story. Anyway, Aside from those two points, I thought that this was a really great book.

I hope that everyone gets a chance to read it one day. Why, a human, of course! Oh, those damn dirty apes! Despite Charleton Heston's scenery-chewing, I've always loved Planet of the Apes , the movie.

The book? Well, it gets off to an awkward start. The writing is clunky, and the plot, so improbable - view spoiler [A couple is "sailing" in space when they come "Almost all the great discoveries," she stated vehemently, "have been made by chimpanzees.

The writing is clunky, and the plot, so improbable - view spoiler [A couple is "sailing" in space when they come upon a message in a bottle.

The movie was mostly faithful to the book. The main character is a Frenchman named Ulysse. The apes do not speak the same language, which makes for some interesting communication problems.

There is also some friction between the chimps, the orangutans and the gorillas, with each group believing theirs is the superior collection of beings.

And I was quite pleased that one of my favorite bits in the film was taken directly from the book - the sweet, somewhat flirty relationship between Zira and her too-ugly-to-kiss human captive.

View all 6 comments. Originally written in by the same author who brought us The Bridge Over the River Kwai , this book will most likely be remembered for the many movies that were based on it's premise of a world where the roles of apes and men are reversed.

The Monkey Planet. Watch HD Movies Online For Free and Download the latest movies. Add to Favourites. Planet of the Apes.

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